Robert Bilodeau
20 Echo Lane

Levittown, NY 11756

Over 30 years in the MVS Mainframe World.
Extensive experience in MVS Mainframe Information Technology where the latest Position has been as an Applications Programmer in Assembler, Cobol and Easytrieve in CICS and in Batch and with DB2.
Prior Positions included CICS Systems Programming and Endevor Administration.
Strengths include Assembler, Cobol and Easytrieve programming and MVS OE UNIX, CICS dump analysis and debugging and Endevor Administration.
Highly skilled in handling multiple assignments simultaneously while meeting deadlines. An adaptable, self-motivated self-starter with excellent troubleshooting and communication skills.
Strong Programming Skills in Cobol, Assembler, Easytrieve, Rexx, and Clist Programming.

Currently Unemployed as I got laid off during the FirstData Layoffs.

09/2009 - 08/2010       FirstData      Melville   NY    11747
Application Programming in CICS Assembler and Cobol on their Online Creidt Card Systems

  • Assembler and Cobol Applications Programming on the CICS Credit Card Systems.
  • Assembler and Cobol CICS Applications Programming on the InterComm Credit Card Systems..

07/2009 - 09/2009     Cigna Health Insurance       Windsor   CT  
CICS Support and Endevor Administration

  • CICS Support. Converted 12 CICS Regions from Release 3.1 to 3.2.
  • Endevor Technical Specialist. Assisting the Endevor Group on a Conversion where two Environments are being added to an existing system and the Stages are being split and moved to different Environments. Due to go live Sept 19th. Also doing daily Endevor changes for the users. New Processor Groups…etc. and Coding Endevor Assembler Exits..

07/2008 - 03/2009     Emigrant Savings Bank       Elmsford   NY  
Application Programming in Assembler, Cobol and Easytrieve

  • Programmed on the Savings and Mortgage Applications in CICS and Batch using Assembler and Cobol and Easytrieve and DB2.
  • Assisted in their VSE to MVS Migrations of all Systems. Converted CICS programs and Batch programs and JCL from VSE to MVS..

10/2006 - 05/2008     Merrill Lynch       Jacksonville   FL  
Endevor Administration

  • Modified and created new Endevor Processors to Generate (Compile), Move and Delete the elements and modules between Endevor Environments.
  • Wrote and modified Assembler and Cobol and Rexx programs that do the Endevor sweeps that bring the programs into Production..
  • Wrote new Rexx and Assembler and Cobol programs producing many Endevor Reports giving various types of totals for the many Endevor Environments and Systems in the Merrill Endevor World.
  • Worked on many changes to the REXX program DRJ. This is a program that validates all Procs and JCL and Control Cards for syntax errors and the Merrill Standards..

10/2005 - 08/2006     Lanigan & Associates       Fort Salonga   NY  
PC Technical Support

  • Installation and support of corporate network and desktop computer systems environments - e.g., installation of Microsoft Windows, Office and major utility applications, including antivirus, antispyware, anti-adware.
  • Relocation Services - have been involved with moving and relocating office desktop systems hardware carefully label, disconnect, remove, pack, and reinstall hardware at new office locations or in support of office renovations .
  • Imaging and deployment of PC software (e.g., MS Office) using Ghost
  • Support of numerous small client offices throughout NY area.
  • Hardware upgrades - installation of hard drives, memory, and other accessories as requires.
  • Create, Design and Maintain web site for Parents Without Partners, Nassau Chapter .

05/2004 - 09/2005     Merrill Lynch       New York City   NY  
I.T. Consultant for CICS Support

  • Monitor the Production, QA and development CICS Regions looking for problems using CICS Mainview, CICS Tmon and MVS RMF
  • Wrote Assembler and Cobol CICS/Batch Programs used by Merrill Lynch's Operations and QA Staff. These were mostly new programs and some modifications to existing systems. Uploads of these existing systems and creation of new systems were done using their Endevor Package. .
  • Resolve Production problems such as CICS Storage Violations and work with Applications to resolve program abends.
  • Build new CICS Regions for QA and Production..
  • Install and test in development, and upload to QA and Production, maintenance to CICS Vendor products and homegrown products and systems.

02/2003 - 11/2003     Cendant       Garden City   NY  
I.T. Consultant for Avis and Budget (Cendant)

  • Performed as an Applications Programmer working on the creation and upload of the Budget Car Rental System in meeting all deadlines.
  • Worked mostly with Assembler and COBOL under IMS. .

01/1999 - 10/2002     Cendant       Garden City   NY  
Lead CICS Systems Programmer

  • Upgraded five companies from CICS 4.1 to TS 1.3, meeting all time constraints.
  • Applied maintenance through SMPE, in tuning and customizing CICS. .
  • Installed, customized and tuned the CICS Transaction Gateway Version 3 under MVS OE.
  • Worked with the Java development group using EXCI CICS through the Gateway to CICS..
  • Assisted in the successful installation and test of MQ Series V2.1.
  • Assisted on a development CICS using the CICS Web Interface and the 3270 Bridge..
  • Worked as a Programmer on the Assembler Wizard of Avis System with IMS.

10/1997 - 01/1999     North Fork Bank       Mattituck   NY  
Applications Programmer

  • RPGII/COBOL Applications Programmer on an AS/400 System; Programmed on the CBS Financial system.
  • Wrote and customized MTG Origination and Safe Deposit Systems and CL and Querys. .

06/1972 - 10/1997     Long Island Savings Bank       Melville   NY  
Lead CICS Systems Programmer, Cobol and Assembler CICS Applications Programmer, Unix Administrator

  • Converted an Old Totally Assembler Savings and Mortgage Online Banking System to a New almost Completely Cobol, Modern Savings and Mortgage Online Banking System.
  • Wrote some Sophisticated Assembler exits to do calculations for Mortgage Amortization and Interest Calculations for this new System..
  • Installed releases of CICS, VTAM, NCP and used SMP/E.
  • Worked with Applications Group as the only Assembler Programmer. Wrote assembler front ends for the Systematics Banking Package..
  • Customized and maintained CA's CICS INTERTEST, TPX (a Vtam session Manager), NETCOMPRESS (a Vtam compression pgk).
  • Responsible for keeping these systems up and running and properly tuned..
  • Used Vtam buffer traces, successfully analyzing SNA traffic during problems.
  • Worked with programmers helping them debug with their CICS abends from systems dumps and/or using Intertest..
  • Last responsibilities included Unix Administration on RS/6000 boxes running AIX 4.1.4 and on a NCR 43xx/35xx running NCR Unix 3.01/2.31.